Brie de melun

Our PDO Brie de Melun, in addition to complying with specifications, has the particularity of being made from the milk of a single producer, since the farm is located right next to our cheese dairy.

Brie de Melun is one of the oldest cheeses, its production is a school of patience and skill. It often matures for more than 18 hours before being manually scraped with a  sharp blade and moulded with a ladle, all stages that are necessary to obtain a quality curd.

It can be eaten young if you prefer lingering whey notes which impart freshness in addition to the mushroom and undergrowth flavours characteristic of the bloom present on its rind.

With maturing, its rind will become more coloured, with brown to reddish shades. Its cheese itself will be more supple, but above all more intense in terms of flavour.


Producteur Brie de Melun