The various individual cheese dairies that form the Delin cheese dairy offer an extensive range of expertise and products.

  • La Fromagerie Delin: the Brillat-Savarin PGI specialist combined with the power of a large company structured to meet global demands.
  • La Fromagerie Juchy: producer of Brie Melun PDO (the last artisanal production in France) and Brillat-Savarin PGI made with raw milk. A very high-quality production, particularly for cheesemongers.
  • La Fromagerie de Chevillon: the double cream specialist! Production of custom-ordered small series for export.
  • La Laitière de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté: production of yoghurts and fromage blanc with 100% Bourgogne Franche-Comté milk. Top of the range, fresh and ultra-fresh products
  • La Fromagerie de Montbéliard : production of Morbier PDO and pressed cheese specialities, in particular … made exclusively using with cow’s milk from the Montbéliard breed, of course!