Our quality policy is simple: to respect tradition while favouring excellence in everything we do and at every moment … on each of our production sites.

Delin Cheese Dairy:

The Gilly site has been IFS-certified since September 2016 and the Nuits-Saint-Georges site has also been certified since 2020. Since 2000, the cheese dairy has implemented the HACCP approach and guarantees its customers a high level of quality. This is a top priority and a real challenge on a daily basis.

Chevillon Cheese Dairy:

An HACCP system, certified for exports to the USA, has been in place since the beginning and the site should be awarded IFS certification (within 5 years).

The Juchy Cheese Dairy:

The site is not currently certified, but due to the processing of raw milk, reinforced monitoring of production is in place to guarantee the sanitary quality of all products for our customers.

La Laitière de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté:

Since 2016, all equipment and processes have been comprehensively reviewed to ensure the highest level of quality. The site is not yet certified, but the aim is to be IFS-certified within the next two to three years.