Vegetable gratin with Brillat-Savarin, chorizo breadcrumbs and pine nuts

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Preparation: 30 mins

Cooking time: about 10 mins

For 4 people:

  • 3 medium-sized courgettes
  • 3 Agatha potatoes
  • 4 large carrots
  • 180 g of Brillat-Savarin
  • 100 g chorizo cut into thin slices
  • 40 g pine nuts
  • Salt and pepper

Dry roast the slices of Chorizo in a frying pan. Place on absorbent paper and leave to cool (the Chorizo slices should have the consistency of a tile once cooled). Mix the chorizo with the pine nuts like breadcrumbs.

Wash and peel the carrots, courgettes and potatoes. Cut into small sticks using a mandolin. Steam for about 20 minutes (keep an eye on the cooking, the vegetables should remain crisp). Leave to cool a little.

Butter an ovenproof dish (it is also possible to make individual gratins), lay out a layer of vegetables, add salt and pepper, then a layer of thin slices (5 mm) of Brillat-Savarin and repeat. Finish with a layer of Brillat-Savarin.

Bake at 200°. When the cheese starts to brown, add the breadcrumbs to the gratin and leave for a few more minutes.

Eat hot.