Appetizer balls

There are many opportunities to enjoy our cheeses and the advantage of our cream-enriched curd know-how is that the variations are endless. Our Appetizer Balls are an innovation.

It is simply a “mini” version of our curd which has been shaped into small balls weighing a few grams, they are then coated like our Régals de Bourgogne.

Mustard, Bruschetta, Garlic & Herbs, Pepper Duo, Mexican, Truffle …. and lots of other new recipes coming soon.

To go further, our little balls bring colour and flavour to the decoration of cheese boards, on a skewer with other ingredients such as olives, a dice of ham, a piece of Persillé de Bourgogne and, of course, as an aperitif. Everything is possible.


Producteur billes apéritives au fromage