Franc-Comtois specialities

All our raclette cheeses are made from whole milk (no skimming) and raw milk, identical to that produced by our farmers. Then come all the uncooked pressed cheese production stages required to create high quality cheeses.

PLAIN: this is the cheese made to a unique recipe that forms the basis of our entire range. A raw milk raclette cheese which benefits from the know-how of our cheese makers. A meticulous production process combined with maturing in the cellar to achieve a rindy, supple cheese.

It is also thanks to the passing of time and a minimum of 56 days maturing on a board that our raclette cheese will be able to offer you all its taste, texture and flavour characteristics.

SMOKED: a 100% regional and authentic raclette cheese. It is smoked in our own smokehouse at the cheese dairy.

WILD GARLIC: all the qualities of our raclette cheese with wild garlic and its characteristic alliaceous notes. It is a harmony of taste that respects the initial qualities of the cheese.

PEPPER: the right balance between the sweetness of raclette cheese and the intense flavour of pepper.

but also CHILLI, MUSTARD and WHITE WINE (the latter flavouring is added during the maturing process).

We have also developed a raclette flavoured with 2% Tuber Aestivum truffles: the Truffignon.


WURTEMBERG: This cheese is a pressed, semi-cooked cheese with a mixed rind made from cow’s milk. Under the smeared rind lies an ivory-coloured cheese. Its texture is soft, creamy and homogeneous with a few holes. In the mouth, the taste is bold, fruity and persistent.