Our four producers, located less than 20 kilometres from the cheese dairy, produce high quality milk that complies with PDO specifications and comes from a terroir that favours reserve maturing of between 80 and 120 days in our cellars.

On some cheeses intended to keep for longer, we can even go up to 150 days.

Our Morbier cheeses are characterised by a natural rind with beige to orange shades and which is not sticky. The cheese is very soft to the touch with an attractive ivory to pale yellow colour and sometimes with a few openings.

The central stripe, characteristic of the PDO, gives it its well-known character trait.

The taste is bold and typical, linked to the skill and expertise of our cheese ripeners, milky and fruity notes are still present, but its characteristics are above all balanced nuances of roasted dried fruits.

The work of the cheese ripeners is time-consuming, as the cheeses are rubbed and turned by hand, and the ripening is done on local spruce boards in our cellars, which date from 1834 (as does the building of our cheese dairy).

A yellow oval casein plate measuring 5.5 cm in diameter is affixed to each cheese at the time of production (number of the department / production plant / day and month).

Cylindrical pieces weighing 6 to 8 kilograms.