Yoghurt and cottage cheese

GILLY frais – Faisselle de GILLY: fromage blanc and faisselle are part of our history because the DELIN cheese dairy adventures started with these products in 1969.

Since then, they have been in our range and the traditional production methods we use have not changed: curdling in a basin and manual moulding with a ladle.

When Laitière de Bourgogne joined us in 2016, LE PETIT BLANC was added to the fromage blanc range.

Moreover, La Laitière de Bourgogne has real know-how in the production of plain, flavoured or fruit yoghurts. Our recipes are unique and, above all, not very sweet in order to bring out the true dairy taste of the products.

A glass pot with yoghurt on a bed of fruit range is also available: a stirred yoghurt is placed on a real fruit puree.